Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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So far, a release date for “Yellowstone” Season 5 has not been announced. In fact, Paramount has yet to renew the series officially, but that remains just a formality at this point, as the network has greenlit two spinoff series, “1883” and “6666,” proving that they’re all-in on “Yellowstone.”

Star Cole Hauser confirmed during the Hall Family Wines Happy Hour (via YouTube) in November 2021 that Taylor Sheridan is already working on the show’s fifth season, which seems to confirm that a formal announcement will be forthcoming as well.

“Taylor’s working on it right now, and I think we will be back sometime in July [2022],” Hauser said, in response to being asked if Sheridan had finished writing the season, “Season 5 is going to be wonderful. I mean, the way we ended season four, I can’t give too much away, but the way season four ends, I think the audience, and I know you like the show, I think you’ll be happily surprised with a lot of things.”

As for when the season will premiere, it’s likely to arrive this coming November, just like the fourth season. This is a notable departure from the first three seasons, which premiered in late June, but seems consistent with Hauser’s assertion that he, and the rest of the cast, will be back to shooting this July.

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