Yellowstone Fans Are Divided Over Kayce’s Final Line In The Season 4 Finale

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At the end of Season 4, Kayce goes on a vision quest. Alone and cold, he experiences several flashes of memory, including visions of his dead brother and his time serving in the Navy. The appearance of a young girl leads Kayce to the precipice of a cliff, where he’s presented with two possible paths — and is told the girl will help him walk the one he picks, but Kayce must decide the way. His wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille) later asks him what he’s seen. “I saw the end of us,” Kayce tells her.

Fans on Reddit shared their mixed opinions about what these eerie words could mean. “Did he mean the end of him and Monica? The end of the human race? The end of the Duttons or the [r]anch? Or the end of their town or way of life?” wondered u/Potterhead07651, adding that Monica seemed to “understand” what Kayce was getting at.

u/dynamix811 suggested that the two paths represent Kayce being forced to pick between his relationship with Monica and saving the Dutton ranching empire: “Whichever path he chooses, the other relationship will be ended,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, u/veilsix wrote that the divided path represents Kayce’s choice between the white world of the Duttons and the Indigenous world of Monica and her family, who are fighting to get their land back from the Duttons. They called this the show’s “ultimate” conflict, “venture capital firms be damned.”

Fans will have to wait for Season 5 of “Yellowstone” to see what happens.

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