Will There Be An Alex Rider Season 3?

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As of right now, “Alex Rider” has not yet been renewed or cancelled, but that’s not a surprise since Season 2 only recently came out on IMDb TV. But based on the positive response to the new bout of episodes, the future for the show is looking bright. While there isn’t a critics rating yet on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 95% Audience Score, which is definitely a good sign. Looking at reviews, many critics feel the same, with Martin Carr of Flickering Myth declaring, “‘Alex Rider’ mark two expands this world with notable success … Audiences also get the feeling of interconnection, which grounds action sequences by demonstrating tangible consequences.”

“Alex Rider” is a streaming series, so it’s unlikely that the public will be able to see the actual numbers of how many people watch, which is a major factor in a production company’s decision of whether or not to renew. The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television in collaboration with Eleventh Hour Films, which is partly owned by Sony and headed by Jill Green, the wife of Anthony Horowitz, while Amazon Studios handles distribution around the world (via Deadline). In an interview with Express, members of the cast also spoke confidently about what would be in store for their characters in a possible “Alex Rider” Season 3.

The series was renewed for Season 2 in November 2020 (via The Hollywood Reporter), so it might be a few months more before fans hear the official consensus on Season 3, but hopefully good news will come sooner than that. With such a successful sophomore season, it’s very likely that Rider will return for another round.

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