Who Plays Doctor Song Ji-An In Netflix’s The Silent Sea?

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South Korean actor Bae Doona has been working since 1999, when she appeared in her first role in “The Ring Virus,” a South Korean remake of the Japanese horror film “Ring” (via IMDb). The following year, Doona began working with future “Parasite” director Bong Joon-ho on his film “Barking Dogs Never Bite.” The two worked together again on the director’s 2006 film “The Host.”

In 2012, Boona appeared in her first English-language film, The Wachowski Sisters’ “Cloud Atlas,” which she co-starred in alongside Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. In 2015, she worked with the Wachowskis once again for “Jupiter Ascending.” Soon after, she took on what is arguably her most notable English-speaking role as Sun Baek in the Netflix series, “Sense8,” which was also created by the Wachowskis. Following “Sense8” — and prior to “The Silent Sea” — Doona had significant roles in three South Korean shows: 2017’s “Stranger,” 2018’s “The Greatest Divorce,” and 2019’s “Kingdom.”

In an interview for “The Silent Sea,” The Philippine Star asked Doona what she factors in when deciding to take a role. The actor responded, “For me, as an actor, it’s always the script. But personally, I think the director comes before the script. I am very, heavily influenced by who the director is. What kind of a person are they? What kind of story do they want to tell?” She went on to add, “Another element that I am most recently very much focused on is, can I make myself useful in this particular production? … So, I always try to think to myself: Is there something that only I can bring to the table?”

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