Where You Can Watch Betty White’s Final Acting Appearance

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According to her IMDb page, Betty White’s very last acting credit is in the Pixar short, “Forky Asks a Question: What is Love?” This series of shorts surrounding the titular character from “Toy Story 4” has numerous entries. However, this (along with “Toy Story 4” itself) is the only one to feature White’s character, Bitey White, an ornery cat-themed teething toy. Of course, since it is a Pixar short, you can watch “Forky Asks a Question” and “Toy Story 4” quite easily through Disney+.

As for White’s final live-action appearance, however, it can be found in the 2017 episode of “Young & Hungry” titled “Young & Vegas Baby,” where she plays the character Ms. Wilson. Like “Forky Asks a Question,” this one is also quite convenient to find, as the entire series can be watched on Netflix. Specifically, it is the eighth episode of the series’ fifth and final season. Though this may not be one of her most iconic roles, it is still worth watching as the last live-action performance Betty White ever gave.

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