What Is Dimeritium In The World Of The Witcher?

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Dimeritium is a rare mineral that is mostly mined in the Northern Kingdoms of Kovir and Poviss, which, at one point, become part of Redania, a nation that is working behind the scenes on “The Witcher,” but with far grander ambitions than they let on. According to a book found in “The Witcher” video games, “Dimeritium is a rare and precious metal with an interesting feature — it represses the transfer of magical energy. A bluish alloy of iron and dimeritium is used to produce handcuffs and necklaces. Those who wear them cannot cast spells or use magic in any way. There are known cases, however, of extraordinarily powerful sorcerers managing to overcome the shield generated by dimeritium.”

Though the mineral is not directly named in the television show, it could be assumed that Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) was bound with dimeritium chains following the events of Sodden. The Battle of Sodden sees Yennefer tap into the forbidden school of fire magic to devastating effects, but she is captured afterward by her enemies — the Nilfgaardians and former classmate Fringilla (Mimi M. Khayisa). The Nilfgaardians don’t realize that Yennefer has depleted her magical reserves, and she attempts to get her captors to release her binds so she can help them.

Dimeritium is often used in the production of magical shackles, and in the video game franchise, is looted from witch hunters. Considering the growing role mages will play in future episodes of “The Witcher,” there is a good chance that dimeritium will become far more prevalent to the plot for its subversive impact on magic.

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