Video: Our Best Worst Switch Games – Part 2

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Sometimes you’ll come across a game that critics and the gaming populace at large have put on the shelf labelled ‘a bit pants’, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some choice nuggets to be found in those p— okay, let’s move away from that metaphor, shall we?

Still, the point stands that games that are ‘bad’ can still have enjoyable elements that warrant merit, just as an underwhelming movie can have a performance, set piece, or a sharp line of dialogue in amongst all the mediocrity. A 5/10 game could have some of 9/10 moments or mechanics that got scuppered by a whole lot of rubbish.

Following on from Zion earlier in the week, today we have Alex’s pick of a good bad game — or perhaps a bad good game. A gad game? Very bood

Pah, Alex has called it his Best Worst Switch game, so let’s go with that! Let us know below if you agree, or if you’ve got any other nominees for underachieving games that have good points as well as bad.

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