This Hilarious Clip Of Betty White And Ryan Reynolds Confirms Her GOAT Status

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Appearing as a foul-mouthed version of herself, Betty White manages to garner some serious laughs in her Funny or Die sketch with Ryan Reynolds, who is attempting to hash out their pretend feud while on the set of “The Proposal.”

“Bryan … get me a cup of coffee,” White hilariously tells the “Deadpool” star during the clip, which also features “Proposal” actor Sandra Bullock.

“I’m not an assistant, Betty,” Reynolds says. “I play an assistant in the movie [but] I’m an actor in real-life.”

The Hollywood icon quickly fires back, “When Betty White says to get her a cup of coffee you get her a Godd**n cup of coffee.”

Reynolds wound up re-sharing the sketch on his YouTube page in early 2021 on the day White turned 99. “We made this 12 years ago,” Reynolds said. “Betty White may be turning 99 today but she is [100 emoji] the funniest person on the planet.” Reynolds’ and White’s relationship was one that fans had loved for years, as did Reynolds.

“The world looks different now,” the actor tweeted Friday after news of White’s death broke. “She was great at defying expectation. She managed to grow very old and somehow, not old enough. We’ll miss you, Betty.”

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