The Yellowstone Character Fans Don’t Want To See Return For Season 5

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Mia’s frustration with Jimmy is somewhat understandable. After all, she helped him recover from a previous injury, and when John (Kevin Costner) sends Jimmy to a ranch in Texas, he doesn’t really tell Mia what his future plans for their relationship entail. However, Jimmy makes that choice abundantly clear when he sets off for Texas, leaving Mia’s future on the series up in the air.

It’s unclear how Mia will factor into the future of the series (or if she’ll make her way to “6666”), but fans would apparently be happy if she bowed out of the series permanently. On a “Yellowstone” Reddit thread, various fans voice their opinions of the Jimmy/Mia situation, and a lot of people seem to want Mia off the show. Redditor u/plants49qx2000 writes, “Mia was so annoying. Hopefully this means they write out her character.”

Others believe that while Mia’s time on “Yellowstone” may be over, she could pop up elsewhere, with u/heyshugitsme predicting, “I get the feeling she’s headed to Texas.” That’ll be the location of the upcoming spinoff “6666,” and her presence near Jimmy’s new ranch could provide built-in drama to impact the show right off the bat. No matter what the future may hold for Mia, it’s clear she’s left an indelible mark on audiences … for better and worse.

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