The Thrilling Hawkeye Scene That Made Hailee Steinfeld Feel Good About Joining The MCU

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To commemorate the finale of “Hawkeye,” Hailee Steinfeld spoke to Entertainment Tonight on December 22, 2021. During the interview, she touched on a variety of topics about the series and her experience working on it. Specifically, she revealed which scene made her feel good about joining the MCU, saying, “The car chase in episode 3…with Jeremy and myself, we had the absolute time of our lives…I had a moment where we shot the first take, and I literally just was like, ‘Yeah, this is absolutely why I did this. This is being part of the MCU.’”

The scene in question involved Kate Bishop and Clint Barton ending up in a high-speed chase to escape the Tracksuit Mafia, thus allowing them to have some fun with a host of trick arrows. Steinfeld also noted that the moment when Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) broke into Kate’s apartment and questioned her on Clint’s whereabouts — or their “little girls’ night in over some mac and cheese and hot sauce,” as she called it — was one of her favorite sequences to shoot. “That was some of the most fun I’ve had working, and Florence is incredible in that scene. That was really special and fun to play through.”

Overall, it sounds like Hailee Steinfeld had a ball working on her first MCU production. “Hawkeye” may be over, but it stands to reason that Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop isn’t leaving the MCU any time soon.

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