The Surprising Thing That Happened During Vanessa Ray’s Blue Bloods Audition

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Feisty, independent, and difficult to offend, Eddie Janko is passionate about her beliefs and far more hot-tempered than Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) — that is, if you can believe anyone is more hot-headed than a Reagan. On the job, Eddie usually sees things in an “us vs. them” way but is always open to hearing Jamie’s more neutral assessment of certain conflicts — even if she disagrees with him. Her massive appetite is also, notably, the source of much ribbing from Jamie.

Ever since she arrived as Jamie’s new partner in “Blue Bloods” Season 4, Eddie has been through and done a lot, including getting shot and going undercover to investigate in a sex trafficking ring. Whether or not that was always the “Blue Bloods” creative team’s plan for Eddie is unknown, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s earned a place at the Reagan dinner table.

Of course, getting her “Blue Bloods” role wasn’t easy for Vanessa Ray. In fact, the actor had to put in some real effort to secure her place on the show.

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