The Real Reason Tom Hardy Agreed To Play Venom

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Even though Tom Hardy became a household name when he portrayed the formidable Batman villain, Bane, in 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” he may not be as big of a comic book nerd as the studios may have you believe. However, Hardy took on Eddie Brock/Venom for one primary reason.

“First and foremost,” Hardy told Variety in an interview at Comic-Con in 2018, “I’m a dad. One of the things you come across as a father is a massive influx of stories brought to you after Fireman Sam by Spider-Mans and Venoms and Captain Americas. So, my son came to me with a specific character that he absolutely fell in love with.”

“I started to take a look at it,” he continued, “and then, as if by magic, a script appeared on the horizon. Having had done ‘Dark Knight’ with Chris [Nolan], I’d kind of done my superhero bit, but when I was presented with the opportunity to play Venom — and that correlated with my son’s love of Venom and how cool he was — I got really, really excited and decided I wanted to do it.”

When it comes to reasons to accept a role, playing a character your child idolizes has to be one of the best.

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