The Real Reason Lily Collins Took Her Emily In Paris Role

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Speaking with Cosmopolitan, “Emily in Paris” star Lily Collins discussed what it was about Emily that made her want to take on the role. Namely, it came down to Emily’s determination. Collins said, “She sees ‘no’ as a comma, not a period.”

Collins was able to relate, having received plenty of rejections at auditions early on in her career. Emily’s persistent nature reminded Collins of her decision to keep pursuing acting despite the early ‘no’s’ she received. She explained, “If I had just accepted those ‘no’s,’ I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.”

Another detail that attracted Collins to “Emily in Paris” was the fact that it is created by Darren Starr, who also created the breakout HBO series “Sex and the City.” Collins said, “when I was in high school, we devoured all of ‘Sex and the City. ‘Darren has a sharp eye for creating fantasy worlds in which audiences love to disappear into while also tackling relatable and humorous issues.”

Viewers can now watch two seasons of Emily taking “‘no’ as a comma” on Netflix.

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