The Real Reason AHS Fans Think Cult Is So Scary

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On the “American Horror Story” subreddit, u/Mat_teo10 wrote, “Before I started watching Cult, I thought it wouldn’t be such a scary season. I was thinking ‘How can this be so scary?’ Although when I finished episode 2 I was so startled. Can someone explain to me why? Is there a reason for this? Do I have some sort of phobia?” “Cult” centers around Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), a charismatic young man who capitalizes on the chaos following the 2016 presidential election, using fear to further his twisted and often nonsensical agenda. “This season overall is scary the tone of it what’s happening in the world that’s the whole point,” wrote u/InTheGardenOfSpite. “It’s scary because it’s the most realistic of the seasons. Because you can visually imagine it happening in your reality,” agreed u/pebe820.

“Cult” very adeptly captured the mood of the entire nation after Donald Trump was elected president. While Stephen King is the “Master of Horror,” Truman Capote’s non-fiction classic “In Cold Blood” makes readers check to make sure their doors are locked. The Boogeyman can’t get you, but there are plenty of other things that can. “It’s easy to not be scared by ghosts, vampires, supernatural, etc., BUT it’s just humans who are the monsters and doing the bad things. I completely agree,” wrote u/HappyApple0157.

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