The Most Paused Moments In Doctor Who

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In Season 12’s fifth episode, halfway through its run, the show flipped itself on its head. Arriving on Earth once again, the Doctor discovers that the Judoon, a species of alien police rhinos, are hunting for a fugitive, and their prime suspect is a woman named Ruth Clayton who seems to be as normal as humanly possible. The Doctor helps her escape and takes her to her childhood home: an old lighthouse on the coast.

Once there, Ruth, played by Jo Martin, hears voices calling out to her from an old fire alarm, and when she breaks it, golden energy swirls about her just as the Doctor discovers a TARDIS, her TARDIS, buried outside. Jo Martin was the Doctor. “Ruth” was just a human form she took on to hide from a group known only as “the Division.”

Now that the trickery was revealed, the two Doctors teamed up, sort of, to defeat the newly revealed Doctor’s pursuers, but a greater mystery remained: neither Doctor remembered being the other. One of them had to be the older version, but neither could say who that was or why they couldn’t remember. While fans waited until the season finale to find out, the moment Martin’s Doctor was revealed would have to hold them over.

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