The Morning Show Fans Agree This Character Is The Best Part Of The Show

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For viewers of “The Morning Show,” Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison stands head and shoulders above the other characters. Cory manages to turn every PR nightmare into an opportunity, and his ambition is unparalleled. Redditor u/lockwood444 wrote, “I just rewatched season 1, and I found myself wanting to watch his scenes over and over. He is so captivating. Bravo to BC.” Cory remains unflappable as those around him are falling to pieces, and he’s a master manipulator who knows how to cater to the egos of UBA’s volatile on-screen talent. “I def give Cory a pass sometimes when I probably wouldn’t with other characters. Just love Cory abs Billy C a lot!” u/Longjumping_Morning8 stated.

Fans’ eagerness to forgive or even forget Cory’s duplicity is likely because Cory’s Machiavellian schemes are what viewers would expect from a network executive who pulls the strings behind the scenes. The show’s focus on complicity, accountability, and cancel culture falls squarely on its on-air personalities whose public personas must align with their private lives. There’s also a sense of the unknown with Cory who is always a few steps ahead, challenging viewers to try and figure out what he’s going to do next.

Cory looks out for himself and doesn’t hesitate to throw anyone under the bus if it serves his interests, which always align with what’s best for the flailing UBA.”I’m sure if anyone else had outed Bradley there would be a lot more ire. We are likely going to get more outrage from Bradley than the viewers over it. Tbf to the writers they did their job in setting up the reasons for his actions prior to it,” stated u/FutureImminent.

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