The Fantastic Way Evanna Lynch Aced Her Harry Potter Audition

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As Lynch remembers, during her improvised audition against Radcliffe, she found herself totally intimidated — which actually helped her book the part.

“I remember Dan very vividly — it was on my screen test,” Lynch tells the camera. “I remember him talking to me, and I kept forgetting that I have to talk back to him, because I’m so used to watching him on a screen.” According to Lynch, every time Radcliffe spoke to her, she went quiet and just nodded, as she was a bit starstruck. “And I kind of think that contributed to the whole Luna Lovegood vibe, because she is a bit spacy,” the actress admits during the special.

It probably did help her win the part, but there’s no question that Lynch’s overall sensibilities, especially her dreamlike, eccentric quality, helped show Yates that she was the ideal candidate to play Luna. Throughout the remainder of the series, Lynch won over fans of the series with her performance, so it’s lucky for all of them that she totally spaced out during her audition.

Lynch’s performance in the “Potter” films and her appearance in “Return to Hogwarts” are both available to watch now on HBO Max.

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