The Dr. Benton Scene That Went Too Far On ER

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In Season 7, Episode 6, “The Visit,” Benton is reeling from the news that his nephew Jesse Robbins (Andrew McFarlane) is receiving treatment for a gunshot wound. As the doctor takes a beat alone to process this harrowing event, Dr. Malucci (Erik Palladino) comes in and tries to apologize for comments made earlier in the episode. Clearly, Benton is upset, and so he asks to be left alone. Malucci then makes it so much worse by saying he didn’t know Jesse was his cousin and assumed he was just “some banger.” In a rage, Dr. Benton punches Malucci, knocking him out. Sure, we can understand the impulse, but it certainly is aggressive, inappropriate behavior, not to mention violating his oath as a doctor to do no harm.

This also isn’t the first time Benton breaks the law in the show. In Season 3 of “ER,” Benton starts dating Carla Reese (Lisa Nicole Carson), and the two go on to have a son together named Reese (Matthew Watkins). Unfortunately, things do not go well for the relationship, and legal proceedings for custody over Reese commence. In an attempt to win custody over his son, Benton commits perjury by making the false claim that he has a new work schedule with less hours at County General. You can probably guess how well that goes for him.

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