The Biggest Moments In Cobra Kai Season 4

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After the torment Terry Silver put Daniel LaRusso through in “The Karate Kid Part III,” we all waited to see what the master manipulator would bring in “Cobra Kai” Season 4. Yet, in the beginning, he’s a different Terry — or Terrence, as his partner, Cheyenne, refers to him. He seems to deeply regret his past behavior as he tries to live a new, healthier life away from the toxicity of the Cobra Kai ethos. It’s what Ralph Macchio described to Empire as “another angle to Terry Silver, and when you call upon those stories and dive into the grey areas, it expands the universe and the story.”

However, the more that John Kreese reminds him of their past, the more he starts to slip back into his old ways. While his roundhouse kick to the wine bottle in his cellar is his proverbial reawakening, Silver tying up his hair into the iconic ponytail is the more obvious symbolism. It’s at this point that everyone knows Terrence is gone and Terry is back. That knowing smirk of his should’ve come with a spoiler alert since his deviousness knows no bounds in Season 4.

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