Steelrising Release Date, Trailer, And Plot

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As detailed by Rousseau on the PlayStation blog and in a separate interview, “Steelrising” provides an alternate take on the French Revolution of 1789. To quell rebellion in his kingdom, King Louis XVI deploys a clockwork army, earning himself the moniker the Clockwork King. Originally created to serve as a dancer, Aegis uses her extreme agility to take on the enemy robots and protect Queen Marie Antoinette. In the process, she transforms into the driving force of the resistance.

At the behest of the queen, Aegis sets out in search of the automaton creator, Vaucanson, to stop the massacres sponsored by the mad king. Players encounter recreations of historical landmarks, such as the Grand Châtelet, as they maneuver through Paris. Vertical exploration and fast-paced battles play a key role, and you can customize Aegis through items you find in the various environments.

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