Rust Devs Tease What's In Store For 2022 Updates

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Rust servers have been wiped, but no new content was pushed in the latest update. Instead, Rust devs Facepunch released a blog post recapping Rust’s 2021 and promised to keep providing updates on the first Thursday of each month in 2022.

As for what new things the new year will bring, Facepunch devs didn’t reveal much, but did comment that players “can expect to see new weapons, deployables, events, vehicles, animals and so much more.” The studio released two teaser images–one of a future arctic monument and a new animal, the polar bear.

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In February, Rust will also get a “heap load” of quality-of-life changes. From January 1-14, Twitch Drops are enabled–which means if you catch one of the specific Twitch streamers mentioned on Facepunch’s list, you can get select in-game rewards. For the aforementioned January period, by watching the Spanish creators Egolands, you can get weapons, garage doors, and more.

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This week’s limited edition skins are also available on Rust’s Steam page, including a frosty set of armor (’tis the season).

Rust had a pretty good 2021. The survival game received a surge of popularity and attention from Twitch streamers and viewers, and to this date, Rust has sold almost 12.5 million copies.

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