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Despite extremely impressive sales numbers, the PS5 remains difficult to find. More than a year has passed since launch, but the PlayStation 5 still isn’t readily available on store shelves. With the holiday season in the rearview mirror, it seems that the PS5 is even more scarce than usual at the moment. We haven’t seen very many restocks thus far in January, either for the PS5 or PS5 Digital. And, of course, every restock continues to sell out in startlingly rapid fashion.

To hopefully help you secure a PS5, we’ve rounded up all of the retailer listings for the PS5 and PS5 Digital in one place. We’ll continue to update this article every time a restock goes live at a major retailer. Most restocks still take place online, but occasionally retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop announce in store restocks. Additionally, some recent PS5 restocks have been limited to members of various subscription programs at major retailers, including Amazon Prime, Walmart+, Best Buy Totaltech, and GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro.

PS5 restocks

  • Buy PS5 at GameStop
  • Buy PS5 at Walmart
  • Buy PS5 at Best Buy
  • Buy PS5 at Target
  • Buy PS5 at Amazon
  • Buy PS5 at PS Direct
  • Buy PS5 at Newegg
  • Buy PS5 at StockX

PS5 Digital restocks

  • Buy PS5 Digital at GameStop
  • Buy PS5 Digital at Walmart
  • Buy PS5 Digital at Best Buy
  • Buy PS5 Digital at Target
  • Buy PS5 Digital at Amazon
  • Buy PS5 Digital at PS Direct
  • Buy PS5 Digital at StockX

Black Friday PS5 restocks

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Recent PS5 restocks

Below, you’ll find the most recent PS5 restock dates at major retailers.

  • Walmart: December 13
  • Best Buy: January 5
  • Costco: November 22
  • Antonline: January 11
  • Target: January 6
  • Amazon: December 28
  • GameStop: December 28
  • PS Direct: December 9 (register for future restocks)
  • Newegg: January 11
  • Sam’s Club: October 22
  • Verizon: November 22

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