PS5 Is Getting A Tournaments Feature This Year

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The PlayStation 5 is adding a new “tournaments” feature in 2022, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has confirmed. Speaking at CES 2022, Ryan talked about what’s next for the console, and the one feature he mentioned was something called tournaments, which is presumably themed around competition.

“This year we’re also planning to introduce a new tournaments feature on PS5,” Ryan said.

Unfortunately, that was the one and only line he said about the new tournaments feature. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the new feature is themed around competitive gaming in some form.

This tracks with what Sony has been investing in, as the company co-acquired the fighting game tournament Evo in 2021. At the time, Sony said Evo would be the beginning of the next chapter for PlayStation’s efforts in esports entertainment.

As PushSquare noticed, Sony also has a website dedicated to competitive gaming. Additionally, PlayStation Lifestyle found patent applications from Sony that suggest the new tournaments feature could offer the ability for PS5 games that don’t offer tournaments by default to do so. Multi-game tournaments could also be another application for these patents.

This is actually an area that Sony has been focusing on for years already, as it launched an open tournament series with cash prizes on PS4 back in 2020.

In other PlayStation news, the director of Days Gone recently claimed the game sold 9 million copies but was considered a disappointment by local studio management. Additionally, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal bought 1,000 PS5 consoles for children this holiday.

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