Odd Taxi Movie Release Date, Characters And Plot

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There are many cabs in the bustling streets of Tokyo. However, only one of them is driven by Odokawa. When a young high school girl goes missing, Odokawa ends up being the last person she ever makes contact with after he picks her up in his cab. As Odokawa performs his nightly shifts in the city, his customers all turn out to be connected (however loosely) to the girl’s disappearance.

Dealing with gangsters, pop-idol superfans, washed-up comedians, and shady record label executives, the everyman Odokawa manages to hold his own against the confusing tide of potential suspects and accomplices. At the same time, Odokawa’s personal life begins to pick up as he forms a burgeoning romance with Miho Shirakawa, the alpaca nurse who works at his doctor’s clinic.

Over time, Odokawa and his friends manage to weave their way to the heart of the mystery at hand, as well as the truth behind Odokawa (who always seems to be a bit more than he appears). Though the original series ends on one stunner of a cliffhanger, the movie promises to show us exactly what happens after those crucial final moments that leave Odokawa’s fate up in the air.

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