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Let's go play

Let’s go play

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Regaining possession of pavements, squares, squares and courtyards with the traditional games with which today’s parents grew up

Courtyards and sidewalks, squares and squares, all over the world, have hosted children’s games for centuries before being invaded by machines and bar tables. It would be nice and useful for our children to give them back these spaces , for example by returning to traditional games . In this article we propose the game of the bell or week. Its origin is unknown and is lost in the mists of time; even on the floor of the Foro Romano are the remains of paths drawn on the pavement . Since the game is spread all over the world, it is not known whether the imperial roads were used to export or import it.

Let's Go Play

The bell

There are endless variations of this game. All with the same basic rules, in which the player’s ability to complete a balanced path is tested, along with other difficulties. You can play in two or more , but also alone , by training . You can play anywhere you can draw on the ground with a stick, a piece of chalk or a piece of brick , a path made up of squares (normally seven, like the days of the week) of 40 × 60 cm per side. Already the field design is a play in the gamein which to indulge yourself. Then there is a flat stone or a piece of tile suitable to be thrown on the squares without rolling; the rules must be well defined before starting.

The rules of the game

Having established the order of the players, the first, from the “earth” space, throws the stone into space 1, then hopping on one foot completes the path to the “sky” and back, picking up the stone and passing over the square where it is find, still without putting the other foot down. On squares 2-3 and 5-6 you pass by putting both feet down with your legs apart. Returning to “land”, the player throws the stone on 2 and so on until he misses the throw (the stone ends up in the wrong square, on the edge or outside). It is then up to the second player, gradually until he starts the round again, returning to the first one who starts again from where he made a mistake. Once the normal route is finished, continue increasing the difficulty, for example by pushing the stone with the tip of the foot, or by jumping with the stone on one foot or on the palm of the hand or on the shoulder. The imagination, creativity and even skill of the players can help transform the game.

For more fun

In the final phase, the course can be done blindfolded or with the head turned upwards , while the other players give indications such as “hot”, if you are doing well, “cold”, if you risk putting your foot in the place. wrong. You can conquer a personal square by throwing the stone from behind and writing your name in the square where it ends; on this square you can rest by putting both feet down, while the others will have to ask permission to go over it. Aim, motor coordination skills , but also good skills in negotiating the rules are the main skills required of the participants of the game, which will make many parents relive moments of their childhood in which much of the time was dedicated to playground games.

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Let’s Go Play

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