New Serious Sam Game Siberian Mayhem Revealed, And It Launches Very Soon

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The Serious Sam games are known for dropping players in huge levels, handing them a bunch of flashy weapons, then tossing roughly a zillion enemies at them. Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem looks to continue that tradition while transplanting the action to the titular frigid Russian province. The game is set to launch on January 25.

Per the game’s Steam page, Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem will see Sam fighting the villainous General Brand and hordes of enemies across five levels. Those fights will take place in varied locales including “Arctic coastlines and desolate forests to abandoned villages and a chilling ghost town.” It looks like a wintry experience for a wintry time of year. In addition to the new levels, the Steam description mentions new weapons, including the “experimental ‘Perun’ crossbow.”

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The Steam description also mentions side-missions, a feature added to the series with 2020’s Serious Sam 4. And, in terms of graphical style, enemy and weapons designs, and gameplay, Siberian Mayhem looks like it will generally be quite similar to the series’ last outing.

That game was met with mixed reviews at launch. We liked it, with some reservations, but it was certainly a bug-ridden experience out of the gate, with framerate hitches and texture pop-in a consistent issue during cutscenes. Hopefully Siberian Mayhem’s smaller scope will allow Croteam and co-developer Timelock Studio to deliver a more polished experience. We’ll know for sure in two weeks.

That smaller scale also comes with a smaller price tag. Siberian Mayhem will be $19.99 at launch, but is currently discounted to $17.99.

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