Monster Hunter Rise: How To Play The Street Fighter Crossover

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Monster Hunter Rise has finally made its way to PC after launching on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. With new graphical options and improved performance, the PC port of the latest entry in Capcom’s long-running series is the definitive version of the game, especially since it also features a number of crossover with other popular titles from the studio’s extensive catalogue, such as Street Fighter.

The Street Fighter collaboration adds a new Event Quest that lets you unlock the Akuma Layered Armor for your Hunter. Aside from looking like the iconic Street Fighter character, this unique armor also lets you adopt some of his ferocious moveset. Here’s how to access the Street Fighter Event Quest and charge into hunts as the Raging Demon.

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Head to the Steelworks area in the village hub and talk to Senri the Mailman to pick up the quest. Select “Add-on Content” and collect the “SF: Promotion Exam” Event Quest to add it to your quest board. You can also hit “Collect All” to grab all of the DLC that’s currently available.

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From here, you’ll want to head over to the Gathering Hub and speak to Minoto the Quest Maiden. Choose “Event Quests” and you’ll find the SF: Promotion Exam under the “High Rank” category. This is a 7* High Rank quest so you’ll need to complete a lot of hunts and reach Hunter Rank 8 before you’ll be able to embark on this treacherous mission.

Once you’re ready, the quest takes you to Shrine Ruins where you’ll have to either slay or capture one of the two Rajang stalking the area. The Rajang chilling out at the top of the mountain is the tougher of the two, so bear that in mind. You can also make this a Join Request Hunt to alleviate some of the difficulty by letting other players join in and help you take down the monster.

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Upon completion, you’ll receive the Satsui no Hado crafting material. You need a total of four to craft the entire Akuma Layered Armor set, so you’ll have to replay the SF: Promotion Exam Event Quest a couple of times to gather them all. Equipping the armor set will change your appearance, alter your voice, and change your moveset. Instead of throwing kunai, for example, the Akuma armor lets you throw Gohadoken instead. And if you’re playing with the sword & shield, you’ll be fighting with your fists. If punching giant monsters in the face isn’t appealing then what is?

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