Monster Hunter Rise: How To Play The Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover

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Monster Hunter Rise is finally out on PC after initially debuting on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. Aside from adding new graphical options and improving the game’s performance, the PC version of Capcom’s latest monster-slaying hit also features all of the free post-launch content released up until version 3.6.1, including crossovers with Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration adds two new Event Quests that let you unlock Sonic-themed Layered Armor for your Hunter, Palico, and Palamute. Here’s how to access the special quests and deck yourself out in the blue hedgehog’s iconic garb.

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First, you’ll need to head to the Steelworks area in Monster Hunter Rise’s village hub and talk to Senri the Mailman. Select “Add-on Content” and collect the “Gotta Hoard Fast!” and “Super Shady Look-alike” Event Quests to add both of the Sonic-themed missions to your quest board. Alternatively, you can also just press “Collect All” to grab all of the DLC that’s currently available.

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Once you’ve done this, head to the Gathering Hub and speak to Minoto the Quest Maiden. The “Gotta Hoard Fast!” Event Quest is the best one to start with since it’s a simple quest you can complete right at the beginning of the game.

This quest tasks you with collecting 200 of Sonic’s golden rings in a race against the clock, with different rankings doling out various rewards depending on how quickly you can grab all 200. By finishing in under three minutes, you’ll achieve an S-rank and unlock Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles figurines that you can proudly display in your Hunter’s house. Just hop onto your Palamute’s back as soon as the event begins to get around the area as quickly as possible. You can even make this a Join Request Hunt so other players can join and help you collect all of the rings much faster.

Simply completing the Event Quest will also grant you the Buddy Rings that are required to forge the Sonic Layered Armor for your Palico, and the Canyne Tails Armor for your Palamute, alongside some Fur Scrap and zenny. The easiest way to attain Fur Scrap is by selecting an Expedition Quest from one of the two Quest Maidens. Travel to either Shrine Ruins or Flooded Forest and you can slay a few Bullfango to get their Bullfango Pelts. You can then swap this with the Buddy Smith in the village’s Steelworks area for Fur Scrap.

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The “Super Shady Look-alike” Event Quest is significantly harder, so you’ll want to complete as many hunts as you can until you’re ready to tackle a 7* High Rank quest. Once again, making this a Join Request Hunt will alleviate some of the difficulty by letting other players join and help out. By defeating the fearsome Nargacuga, you’ll earn some Hunter Rings for your trouble, which can then be used to forge the Sonic Layered Armor for your Hunter. You’ll also need Nargacuga+ Monster Parts to craft the armor set, so you’ll need to re-run either this quest or another Nargacuga hunt multiple times to nab all of the parts required.

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