Jurassic Park’s Lex Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Jeff Goldblum’s On-Set Behavior

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During a sit-down with Interview Magazine in 2011, Ariana Richards revealed that Jeff Goldblum had a very interesting and unique method for practicing his lines between scenes on the set of “Jurassic Park.” “I was struck by the fact that he wasn’t studying it like most people I’d been around that were actors, who’d study quietly [and] kind of unobtrusively,” Richards said. “He was speed-reading them out loud!”

While this is obviously a story from the set of a movie that was released all the way back in 1993, it’s definitely a testament to just how odd Goldblum’s acting methods can apparently be. Given that it’s led to performances that still stick in the minds of audiences years later, it’s seemingly a method that has worked out quite well for the actor. Either way, it’s fun for fans to get a peek behind the curtain into what exactly goes into the crafting of a pivotal Goldblum performance.

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