Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Offers Darkest Dungeon Inspired Thrills For Free On GOG

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As part of GOG’s winter sale, the storefront is offering a free copy of 2019’s Iratus: Lord of the Dead. At first glance, the game is an exaggerated comic book version of Darkest Dungeon. However, rather than a unsavory business owner, perhaps evil in a different way, Iratus casts the player as a literal dark lord, freed from a dark prison. As Iratus, you control a legion of the living dead, constructed from the body parts of enemies. Vampires, banshees, and zombies all can make up part of Iratus’ horrific army.

The game is split between the moment-to-moment dungeon crawling and battling and the more meta-strategic construction of minions and upgrading of Iratus’ underground lair. You can train minions using secret rituals and talent trees. Additionally, minions who die in battle cannot be revived and the game auto-saves constantly, forcing careful decision making. The game also has a variety of skin packs and a story DLC entitled Wrath of the Necromancer, at an extra cost of course. However, most of the extras are on discount as part of the Winter sale.

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If even the new Darkest Dungeon could not slake your thirst for fantasy horror dungeons, Iratus might be a good alternative. The game sits at a 4.1 out of 5 rating on GOG itself. At the sale’s end, Iratus: Lord of the Dead will revert to its standard price of $29.99. You might want to hurry, as the Winter sale wraps up on January 5.

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