Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Shows Off The Game's Tribes And Gorgeous Environments

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Sony’s next big exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West, releases in February, and a new trailer for the PS4 and PS5 title shows off more of the people and tribes that inhabit its world.

Players will encounter tribes of people doing all sorts of jobs and enjoying their lives by raising a drink with friends. Other tribes are more guarded–literally–and still others sing songs to try to heal their lands that have been overtaken by blights. The trailer ends with a tease for an “even stronger tribe… searching for secrets on the very edge of the west.” Not only does the video introduce viewers to some of the tribes they will meet along the way, it also shows off Forbidden West’s gorgeous visuals. In one standout scene, what looks to be the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is shown overtaken by grassy growth. Check it out:

Forbidden West launches on February 18 for PS4 and PS5 as part of a very busy month for new game releases. That’s a big day for PlayStation, as it’s also when the Tom Holland/Mark Wahlberg Uncharted movie lands in theaters.

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn looks great on PS5, and PS4 owners can also expect a good-looking game on the old-gen hardware. “We actually developed and tested the game simultaneously on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, because it’s very important to us as a studio to ensure PlayStation 4 players get an equally immersive experience,” lead character artist Bastien Ramisse said in September.

In other PlayStation news, more details have emerged on the rumored Last of Us remake for PS5, while a director’s cut of The Last of Us: Part II may be in the works.

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