Here’s Why The Gallery Changed In The Final Episode Of The Good Place

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When Team Cockroach finally gets to the real Good Place — and after solving their little eternal boredom problem — Michael remakes Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and Tahani’s (Jameela Jamil) houses from their original neighborhood. Plus, he recreates his office nearby, now using it for his work as the head of the Good Place. While it looks mostly the same as the first version, which we last saw just a few episodes previously, there’s one significant difference hanging on the wall: In place of Doug Forcett, there are four new portraits, of Eleanor, Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani, and Jason (Manny Jacinto).

It’s a sweet homage to the four humans, who certainly earned their place on that wall after fixing the entire afterlife system and saving countless human souls from the inescapable, infinite torture of The Bad Place. That is, perhaps, a little bit more impressive than Doug’s high musings, no matter their accuracy.

This actually isn’t the only change to these familiar sets: Eleanor and Chidi’s house, once decorated with all manner of creepy clown paintings to torture Eleanor, now has abstract — but still colorful — art adorning its walls. All of it is a sign that things are, finally, good.

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