Here’s How Many Episodes Of Peacemaker Will Have Post-Credits Scenes

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Yes, you read that right. James Gunn replied to fans on twitter letting them know that yes, the first season will be chock-full of post-credits goodness. Specifically, he answered that “every episode” will have a post-credits scene, saying, “It’s my way to give you guys a little something special for watching the credits of our hardworking crew. #Peacemaker.”  But wait — that’s not all! While Gunn was answering other questions from intrepid fans on social media, he also added that they would be releasing a slew of special features from the first season as well. But you won’t have to wait until the physical release is available for purchase. You’ll be able to watch them right alongside the main episodes on HBO Max.

If, for whatever reason, you thought Gunn didn’t care about his fans, these two tweets proved you wrong today. Along with that, Gunn proved just how much this show is a labor of love from everyone involved — both in front of and behind the camera. So, do everyone involved with “Peacemaker” a favor and take a few minutes to sit through the credits. The team behind the upcoming series have worked hard to provide “The Suicide Squad” fans with wonderful entertainment in hard times, and we think they deserve credit where credit is due — and so does Gunn.

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