Helen Mirren Would Kiss Vin Diesel In Fast And Furious 10 Under One Condition

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A reporter for The New York Times floated the idea of a kiss between Mirren and Diesel, and although it sounds like “Fast & Furious” fan-fiction at first (try saying that five times fast), Mirren seemed open to the idea. She responded with, “A very chaste kiss [would have been] nice, yes.”

However, it’s not just his lips that get Mirren light-headed. She goes on to explain, “Vin has the most unbelievable voice. I go a bit gooey when I hear it. That velvety brown rumble in your ear is so fabulous to experience for a whole day or two. It is like hearing the most incredibly well-oiled engine.” It’s at this point she gets to the heart of the matter where she revealed she would absolutely kiss Diesel, provided he’s not opposed to a bit of pillow-talking first. “Oh my God, of course, I would,” she exclaimed. “Only if he talks to me before and after because it’s the voice that I really get off on, quite honestly.”

So what are the chances of watching Queenie and Dom lock lips in “F10?” As fans know all too well by this point, anything’s possible in this franchise.

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