Elden Ring Graphics Team Felt Extra Pressure Following Demon Soul's Remake, Miyazaki Says

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Elden Ring developer From Software has felt pressure to step up the game’s visuals following the release of the Demon’s Souls remake by Bluepoint Games, according to a new interview with director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

While Elden Ring will be From Software’s first title to debut on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, one of its past games has already debuted on current-gen hardware. The Demon’s Souls remake by Bluepoint, which was a PS5 launch title, was praised for its visual fidelity. Miyazaki said the remake’s impressive graphics put extra pressure on From Software to ensure Elden Ring looks as good as possible in an interview with Edge magazine (via Video Game Chronicle).

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“Yes, I’m pretty sure our graphics-creation staff felt that pressure more than anyone else,” Miyazaki said when asked about Demon’s Souls graphics and the game’s effect on Elden Ring’s development.

Miyazaki went on in the interview to state that graphical fidelity has never been a top priority for the studio.

“What we ask for on the graphics side depends on the systems and requirements of the game itself, and it takes less priority compared to the other elements of development.”

That being said, Elden Ring’s graphics team has worked hard to create From Software’s best-looking game yet.

“So this is always an area where I feel a little bit apologetic towards my graphics team because I know they work extremely hard,” he said. “And they’ve worked extremely hard on Elden Ring–our graphics-systems team and our programmers have been pushing a lot of new features to create the best-looking games we’ve ever made.”

As for Miyazaki’s thoughts on the Demon’s Souls remake, the director said he had not yet played the remake, due to him disliking revisiting his earlier work because it brings up a lot of “old emotions, a lot of old memories.” However, he said he is happy that the game has new players and to see people enjoying the game.

Originally slated to release in January 2022, Elden Ring suffered a month-long delay, and will now release on February 25. Players recently got to go hands on with Elden Ring via a limited-time network test.

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