Driveclub, MotorStorm Veteran Will Announce New Game In 2022 And It's Not A Racing Title

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Veteran racing game developer Paul Rustchynsky–who previously worked on Driveclub, Project Cars, and MotorStorm–has teased that his team will announce its first game in 2022.

Rustchynsky now heads up a new studio based in Liverpool that operates as part of Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios Group. We don’t know exactly what the new game is, but Rustchynsky said it will not be a racing game, which might be surprising to some. “This is something very different to anything I’ve worked on before,” he said (via VGC).

Rustchynsky also confirmed that he’s not referring to Avalanche’s new Xbox game, Contraband. This new project, whatever it is, is a new IP. “We’re working on another new IP that’s yet to be announced. There are more projects being worked on at Avalanche than most people would expect!” he said.

Rustchynsky was a game designer on the original MotorStorm for PS3 at Evolution Studios before he took on various positions at Sony after it acquired Evolution Studios in 2007. The studio was closed in 2016. Rustchynsky then worked at Codemasters and Slightly Mad Studios before joining Avalanche Studios in 2020 as game director for a new project that will be revealed this year.

As for Avalanche’s other new game, Contraband, it’s described as a “co-op smuggler’s paradise” set in a fictional world in the 1970s. It’s coming to Game Pass on day one, though a release date hasn’t been announced yet.

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