Dexter: New Blood Breaks Records At Showtime

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Dexter: New Blood proved to be massively successful for Showtime, reaching an average of 8 million weekly viewers across all platforms to become the network’s most-watched show of all time.

Sunday night’s finale picked up 3 million viewers, which was Showtime’s biggest finale in eight years, surpassing Homeland Season 3’s finale in 2013. 2 million viewers for the Dexter: New Blood finale came from streaming and on-demand platforms on Sunday, with the rest coming from traditional TV.

The numbers for Dexter: New Blood should only grow bigger in the days ahead, as people catch up and watch the series at their leisure.

“We’re thrilled by the overwhelming response from the millions of fans of Dexter: New Blood these past 10 weeks,” Showtime boss Gary Levine said. “Whether they loved the finale or couldn’t bear to see it end, we so appreciate their passion.”

Showtime also announced that the network saw the most signups in its history during Q4 2021 thanks in part to Dexter: New Blood and Yellowjackets.

Showrunner Clyde Phillips told Collider that Dexter: New Blood’s viewership numbers are expected to soar this month as people binge-watch the entire 10-episode series. Phillips also said he believes the Dexter franchise is Showtime’s “number one asset.” As a result, Phillips said he would “drop everything” to make a new Dexter TV show if Showtime comes asking for it.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Dexter: New Blood finale. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading now.

Dexter: New Blood ends with Dexter’s son, Harrison, killing his father. Harrison is allowed to escape the small town of Iron Lake and we last see him driving down the highway to an unknown destination. Phillips said a future Dexter show could potentially focus on Harrison’s life after the events of New Blood.

“If they were to call me and say, ‘We want to do Harrison. Are you interested?’ Much like when they called me to say, ‘We want to reboot Dexter, and you’re the guy,’ I would drop everything to do it,” Phillips said.

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