Cut Halo Infinite Scene Could Hint At A Familiar Face Returning

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A cut mid-credits scene for Halo Infinite appears to hint at what’s next for the game, and it may involve the story continuing with a familiar face or two this time. The footage, which appears to have been a work in progress and lacks the same polish as the rest of the game, gives us just enough to whet our appetites for whatever the next Halo Infinite story chapter happens to be.

Spoilers for Halo Infinite below!

Shared on Twitter via Quest Status and initially posted on YouTube by Alpha Archive–that video appears to have vanished–the short clip features the pilot Fernando Esparza and the Master Chief coming across a UNSC signal while exploring in their Pelican dropship. It’s designated a “friend,” and then the scene ends.

In most other Halo games, this wouldn’t be odd, because there are a whole bunch of allies aiding the Chief. That’s not the case in Halo Infinite, which sees him largely alone except for the occasional marine, Esparza, and the Weapon AI. So, just who could this friendly face be?

Captain Thomas Lasky is one likely candidate, as he’s heard on several audio recordings scattered throughout the main Halo Infinite campaign and it’s heavily implied he managed to escape the Infinity ship before it was destroyed. James Locke, the protagonist for much of Halo 5: Guardians, could also be the ally–assuming he wasn’t killed when his armor fell into the hands of a Brute on the Halo ring. It could also be another Spartan, or nothing at all, seeing as the tease was cut from the final game. Another tease, which showed off Atriox alive and well, was included.

Halo Infinite kicks off the next chapter of its Fractured: Tenrai multiplayer event today. It includes more cosmetic items just for playing a match per day, and it follows a similar event from late 2021.

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