Chicago P.D. Characters Ranked By Likability

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Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) was the only female detective in the Intelligence Unit, and when she left at the end of Season 4 it took two characters to replace her. That’s a testament to the importance of her character, both within the world of the show and to the show itself. Lindsay was no damsel in distress, but she wasn’t a supercop either. The series put her through the wringer of shootings, abductions, and addictions. She left the police force, only to return in order to rescue her partner/lover Halstead.

Lindsay and Halstead, aka “Lindstead,” were a great, doomed couple, but it was a relationship with her sergeant that truly set Lindsay apart from the pack. Voight took her under his wing when she was a juvenile delinquent, and their relationship as adults and comrades was one of the most affecting on the show.

When Lindsay’s trainwreck mother (the late Markie Post) turned back up in her life in Season 3, she was caught between two opposing forces — the birth mom who was never there for her, and the surrogate father who always had her back. When Lindsay left Chicago for an FBI job in New York City, it was Voight whom she bid a tearful goodbye to; poor Halstead, finally ready to propose, was ghosted — perhaps not the kindest thing she could have done, but that messiness was what made Lindsay so compelling and likable.

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