Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn Has Fans Seriously Worried About Kim

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On Twitter, a fan, @Asiming0, asked Rhea Seehorn to describe Season 6 in one word. Seehorn quoted the tweet and wrote, “Devastating.” A fan, @rankulus, replied, “I don’t think I’m prepared for this.” To this second fan, Seehorn replied, “I wasn’t.”

Seehorn’s tweets are quite short and don’t specify that she’s talking about what happens to Kim in particular, rather than the events as a whole, but some fans still took to worrying about Kim’s fate. One fan, @JosBae1130, replied, “So excited to see what the future holds for Kim, if she has one that is.” Another fan, @WaltonLynne, implored Seehorn (as Kim) to “buy a fricking vacuum cleaner,” referring to the code that is used in “Breaking Bad” when a character needs to attain a new identity from vacuum salesman Ed Galbraith (Robert Forster), whose side business gives people on the run brand new lives. Putting it plainly, @MajedtTom wrote, “Please don’t die.”

Another fan, @Mrsme17750698, suggested a theory that Seehorn’s comments could be meant to throw off fans’ expectations, writing, “Rhea is such a tease! Maybe Rhea was prepared for Kim to die, and she doesn’t!” Considering the general fan reactions — most of the comments consist of fans expressing that they’re “scared” and “freaking out” — viewers can only hope that Seehorn was, in fact, just teasing them.

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