Best Xbox Series X Games So Far (January 2022)

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The Xbox Series X|S has been out for more than a year, and the library has expanded to include a myriad of excellent console exclusives that take full advantage of the powerful hardware. Though it’s still difficult to find an Xbox Series X in stock, those who manage to secure one have a wealth of great games to choose from, many of which offer 4K visuals and eye-popping performance. We’ve rounded up the best Xbox Series X games so far (in alphabetical order). Keep in mind that the vast majority of these games can also be played on Xbox One. We’ve also only included Xbox games before the Series X’s time that have received performance updates for the new console.

Many of the games we’ve chosen are available on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription-based service that gives you access to hundreds of games in addition to other perks. Keep in mind that while the Series X boasts the best performance and visuals, the Series S also offers noticeable improvements and upscales to 4K.

Xbox Series X|S owners should also check out our roundups of the best Xbox One games and the best games on Xbox Game Pass, as every game on those lists is also playable on the new consoles. If you own other consoles, take a peek at our best PS5 games, best PS4 games, and best Nintendo Switch games guides too. And if you’re considering signing up for Xbox Game Pass on your new console, new subscribers can get their first month of Ultimate for $1.

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