Battlefield 2042's Rush Mode Removed But It's Still Playable In Another Form

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Battlefield 2042 no longer has its fan-favorite Rush mode, as DICE has pulled the mode from the featured playlist in the military shooter’s Portal mode.

DICE had always said Rush would only be in the game temporarily, and the studio extended its duration before it was finally removed. Some portion of the audience is upset about Rush’s removal and hopes to see it return. After all, Rush is a staple of the Battlefield series and is much-loved. But as of yet, DICE has not said when or if it will return to Battlefield 2042.

Rush isn’t gone completely, however, as the mode remains available in Portal in the form of Bad Company 2 Rush for that game specifically, community manager Kevin Johnson reminded fans.

EA communications director Andy McNamara recently tweeted about the response to Battlefield 2042 over the holidays, urging fans to understand that the team needed a break. The tweets have since been deleted, but not before being captured and shared online. “Love you guys but these expectations are brutal. The things you want take time to scope, design, and execute,” he said.

McNamara followed up by apologizing for the earlier tweets and saying his message “wasn’t clear.”

Battlefield 2042 is a live-service game that DICE plans to grow and evolve over time with content updates and bug fixes, among other things. “We’re committed to continuing to improve and evolve the core gameplay of 2042,” the company said.

GameSpot’s Battlefield 2042 review scored the game a 7/10. “What’s really impressive in Battlefield 2042 is the variety that’s on offer. It lets you play a bunch of different kinds of FPS experiences–in different game modes, in different Portal rule sets, and even in the same match as you switch between characters,” reviewer Phil Hornshaw said.

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