Alienware Reveals 34-Inch Ultrawide Quantum Dot OLED Gaming Monitor

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Alienware is no stranger when it comes to premium gaming peripherals for PC, but even by its standards the company’s new ultrawide monitor seems opulent.

Alienware has revealed a new 34-inch curved gaming monitor, outfitted with a brand-new QD-OLED panel from Samsung. This Quantum Dot OLED panel is making waves at CES 2022, with Samsung trading blows with LG Display with its brighter and more vibrant panel, without any of the drawbacks of common LCD displays. That means Alienware’s monitor can enjoy both the infinite contrast levels of OLED panels while also highlighting details with appropriate brightness.

Alienware's 34-inch QD-OLED Gaming Monitor
Alienware’s 34-inch QD-OLED Gaming Monitor

The chassis itself is in line with the design philosophy of most recent Alienware releases, with a matte white finish and lighting elements on the back. The 1800R curve on the screen is nowhere near as aggressive as the 1000R curve on Samsung’s Odyssey G9 (and newer Odyssey Neo G8), which might be more pleasing on the eye.

The monitor features a resolution of 2440×1440, which means the lack of HDMI 2.1 support seems justified. Instead, you get both DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0, with the former supporting 175Hz while the latter is limited to 100Hz. The monitor also features a G-Sync Ultimate certification from Nvidia, which ensures both variable refresh rates and stellar HDR performance meeting at least DisplayHDR1000.

With an OLED panel, the risk of burn-in is always present, especially on a PC with so many static elements. Thankfully, Alienware is including a three-year warranty with this new display, which will cover any burn-in issues during that time. As OLED starts becoming more common in PC gaming, support like this is crucial.

Alienware plans to release this new monitor in late March 2022, with a price coming closer to launch.

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