Her Story




Leslie’s family traveled to the People’s Temple in Redwood Valley, CA. when Leslie was just twelve years old. The final move happened in 1970. Early indoctrination of the Temple’s ideology proved to make her viable to the church and became dedicated to that. However,  in later years, she would doubt, discover and decide that  life in Peoples Temple was not the life she wanted. Witnessing brutality, manipulation and control she began to separate herself. Married, 19 and a mom, Jim Jones and her husband planned the ultimate plan. Her son Jakari, then not quite two years old was the pawn for Leslie to re-dedicate her to the so-called cause of “socialism.”

Confused and brainwashed, Leslie actually thought that her son, Jakari would be better without her now that she was considered bourgeois’ and non-productive. Her husband Joe Wilson further convinced her that Jakari would thrive in Jonestown, and she did not fight to keep him in the States. Jakari left with a close older friend of Leslie’s along with Jim Jones  when he made his cowardly escape from the United States after the Peoples Temple’s deceptive and cult like tactics were exposed in an article published in the magazine “New West.”

Two months later she would get a phone call telling from a Temple member telling her it was time to go to Jonestown. She heard a voice speak before she could answer “If you don’t go now, you will never see your son again.” That was her first encounter with faith. The rest is history.